Data Exchanging

It brings structure geometry information by Importing Wizard feature and converts data between various applications.

Model Automation Converting Feature

When analyzing structures in general, an engineer assigns End-Release condition to each member. This information is mainly important to inform the connection type(Hinge or Moment). 

When connecting a member to the real structure shape, it recognizes a continuous absence without input of an engineer and End-Release condition as well.

Powerful Editing Function

In addition to its convenient modeling feature, it performs Auto-Cutback, Working-Point alteration, etc. on existing models.

Auto-Cutback Function

It automatically calculates the length of actual shortening of the members attached to the Column or Beam by Sub, and cuts back.

Setting Working Point Function

It automatically finds Working Point about Bracing by a selected option.

Cardinal Point Recognition

It automatically recognizes the absence type and sets up the accurately cardinal point when generating output with 3D CAD.                           

It distinguishes the definitions of the cardinal point by Member Type (Beam/ Column/Bracing) and Section Type (H/Channel/T/L- Shape).                             

It automatically recognizes Member Type and Section Type, also sets up the accurately cardinal point.

Plate Member Converting

It converts solid absence such as a kind of plate between 3D CAD.

It qucikly converts a plate member between Tekla/PDS/PDMS.

AutoCAD Drawing Generating Function

It simply generates structure engineering drawing as AutoCAD drawing.

Steelhub is the modeling conversion tool that allows a user to completely perform the feature of a modeling conversion by a simple Wizard feature without input of the user.

  • Reduced Labor Costs by Dramatically Shortening Modeling time

    Straight model conversion to another application from the application among Tekla, PDS and PDMS

    Straight model convertion to the actual model such as Tekla, PDS, PDMS, etc. from an analysis model such as Midas, Staad, etc.ex) Reducing more than 90% of existing M/H at 30% of Model Review

    Minimizing Error Rate

    Precise convertion each member data(Cardinal Point,Rotation,Section Name, etc.) when converting a model

    Reduction of cost by minimizing errors when converting model at each step such as Analysis Application▶Shop Drawing Application▶Plant-3D Application, etc.