Line List Management

Line List Management


GS E&C/Hanwha E&C


- Automatic Verification of Input Line Data and Auto Calculation
- Data Update to PDS and SPPID After Comparing the Systems Between Data of This System and PDS / SPPID System.
- Export of Data to Excel


- Spec Data Information by Line / Measure Information of Unit / Imported Data from Excel
- PDS and SPPID DB Information Setting / Mapping Between This System and PDS & SPPID Properties
- Option Setting for Sort by Line, Import, Export and Report


- Line List Output

System Interface

- Comparison and Update of Line Data Through The Access of DB of SPPID / PDS From Intergraph


This is Data Management System providing auto calculation, revision of the current line list and to link and update between PDS and SPP&ID by process and pipe foundation Spec. while minimizing errors.