Civil Engineering Quantity Estimation System

Civil Engineering Quantity Estimation System




- Structural Treatment of All Types in the Plant Civil Engineering Field
- Client WBS Setting
- Estimation System by each Project/Unit on Base
- Data Import / Export with Excel
- Setting of Authorizations by User And Estimate Collaboration Company


- Total Summary / FWBS Summary / Cost Summary
- Overall Calculation Table of Estimate Quantity /UG Calculation Table / Quantity Calculation Table for Concrete and Steel
- Export to Data Excel / Excel Report of Detailed Quantity Calculation


- Project Information / Estimate Conditions / Unit / FWBS / Work Description / Piping Information / Steel Data
- All Quantity Input Used in the Plant Civil Engineering (After Input of Most Size and Quantity, Automatic Calculation)
- Price Information


This system is the plant civil engineering estimate quantity calculate system managing input values and calculating quantities in Data Base, and generating detailed and automatic calculating by each Type and WBS.