Foundation Design System (Hyfos)

Foundation Design System (Hyfos)




- Automated Whole Process of Design
- Load Combination Definition / Geometry Definition / Load Definition / Tie-girder
- Auto Size for Pipe-Rack Foundation
- Design Code Support for KCI / ACI
- Output of Detail Calculation Sheet in Excel

System Interface

- Output of the calculation result in Excel Sheet
- Import/Export of Geometry Information
- Import of Load and Location Information from STAAD
- Analyzing of Footing/Tie-Girder by STAAD


The system automates the foundation design of concrete in the plant field.
We have improved the productivity of civil engineer by automating design processes such as Load Definition / Geometry Definition / Analysis / Tie-Girder Modeling into a GUI-based system.
It is possible to design Tie-Girder not only various shape types, then most foundations in the plant field can be designed.