Electronic Approval System

Electronic Approval System




- Call and Process of Electronic Approval in Various Legacy Systems at Company (More Than 90 Approval Documents)
- Approval Process of Various Document Types (Template, PDF, HTML, Excel, etc.)
- Workflow Setting for Each Type of Approval by Administra

System Interface

- Networking with DB of Business Trip, Personnel Management, Education, Official Document, etc.

Legacy System

- ERP ( Subcontract, Purchasing, Transportation, Project Budget, etc.) System / e-Procurement


Electronic Approval System minimizes time for movement and waiting of documents, and supports the necessary data for a document creation in the system, thereby it eliminates the inefficiency and inconvenience of the old approval system as the paper document by communicating documents quickly and maximizes the efficiency of work. Huen's Electronic Approval System has the flexibility to link with any legacy system of our customers.