Solution List

  • Solution Name Type Description Discipline
  • Piping Material Estimation System estimation It standardizes piping material specification, manages specification issues and automatically verifies BM data according to changing specification through BM Batch Run. The flow of data is managed by BM Balance Check. piping
  • Piping / Instrument Sales Management System procurement Kyeam Technologies Management Information System is the comprehensive system that supports enterprise management and decision making for an executive. It builds a database that enables comprehensive management and processing of materials, and performs features such as estimate / order / purchase / inventory / approval processing, select processing, generating reports, electronic document management. integrated,piping
  • Workfront Management System construction It is the system to calculate workfront, one of the main management index of piping construction by main piping information (BM, delivery schedule, weld joint information) from design, purchase and construction. process,piping
  • Construction / Quality / Process Management System construction,commissioning It is the detailed construction process management system. It computerizes process management work of EPC project[Plant/Power], improves speedily production of on-site process work, increases progress work reliability between order companies by managing and calculating for construction rate based on the system, and updates on-site process management work by establishing accurate R&R. integrated,civil,piping,process
  • Line List Management engineering This is Data Management System providing auto calculation, revision of the current line list and to link and update between PDS and SPP&ID by process and pipe foundation Spec. while minimizing errors. piping
  • Subsystem Definition Marked-up Drawing System commissioning The utility system for plant commissioning that can manage data history and easily mark-up commissioning subsystem on SPPID drawing by the engine of Smart Sketch. It improves work efficiency of commissioning engineer and updates workflow between process / commissioning engineers. piping,process
  • Commissioning Management System commissioning After a plant construction at the field construction, the confirmation must be completed through commissioning before Turning-Over the plant system to the client. This system is the system for systematically performing and comprehensively managing these commissioning work. The commissioning work using IT system at the large-scale plant construction becomes increasingly essential these days. process,piping,mechanical